Secretly nestled above the rows of corporate-owned big box stores of Broughton Street, you’ll find The Posh Loft. Recently opened, The Posh Loft is a local and family-owned women’s boutique that truly has something for everyone. Realizing the need for a store for every woman, on Broughton Street, husband and wife team,
Sara and Sherwin Robin put their dream into action. Bringing in their niece

Madison to manage things from the ground up, the store has blossomed into a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Our shopping destination was designed with a passion to deliver a relaxing and familiar experience with a luxury twist. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and budgets can now find their dream outfits, accessories, and trends in one easy to find place. In The Posh Loft, you’ll find a variety of larger brands, local jewelry, stylish shoes, accessories, and our own custom fabric for clothes, gifts, and accessories. Sara, Sherwin, and Madison want to see their clients feeling great about themselves, their clothes, and the entire experience!

Take the trip upstairs... You won’t be disappointed!